Speech Therapy

Offering comprehensive speech services to the community.

Our speech pathologists are experts in addressing challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays. They will work with you to assess your current communication and explore ways to expand that communication.

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Providing Home therapy for Speech and Language delay

Mish is committed to providing speech therapy services to differently-abled children; to express every thought and idea, to communicate without effort, and to bring the world to your tongue tip.

My primary area of interest is early intervention for preschool age children and to promote normal curriculum schooling as much as and whenever possible.

Providing the following rehabilitation to toddlers and school age children.

Therapy will be provided both in person  and online on request (Malayalam and English).

  • ADHD Therapy

  • Aphasia Therapy

  • Articulation Therapy

  • Learning Disabilities (Reading/Spelling difficulties) Therapy

Our approaches to speech therapy

My approach is mainly play therapy for the younger children moving on to a structured approach as the goals are met. Sessions are structured to be fun places alternating between table top tasks and move about activities. Parental involvement is encouraged for maximum continuity and greater parental bonding.

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Areas of Expertise


Teaching your child to produce the specific speech sounds or sound patterns that he is having difficulty with, and thus increasing his overall speech intelligibility.

Receptive and expressive language skills

Teaching your child new vocabulary and how to use that knowledge to follow directions, answer questions, and participate in simple conversations with others.


Teaching your child to control their speech using various strategies and thus increasing overall speech fluency and intelligibility.

Learning Disability

Teaching your child various academic skills to help them in progress in their education.

Other Speech Therapy Tests

1. Articulation Therapy(Misarticulation)
2. Voice Therapy(Vocal module, Vocal polyp, Vocal cord, Paralysis)
3. Fluency Therapy(Stuttering & Cluttering)
4. Speech & Language Therapy.
* Aphasia
* Apraxia
* SLI (Special Language Impairment)
* DSL(Delayed Speech & Language)
* Dysarthria
* Autism
* Mental Retardation
* Cerebral Palsy

Message for Parents:

As a parent, you spend hours a day bonding with your child. You wake them up, get them ready for their day, feed, read, talk, bathe and put them to sleep at night. It is during these everyday natural tasks that your child understands and learns the most and is given the most opportune moments to communicate.

When you are equipped  with the skills and knowledge,  you can be the best “speech therapist” your child will ever have. So ask questions, take notes, do the homework, and work closely with your child’s SLP. Together we can make an amazing team and change your child’s life, one word at a time.